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The City of Lakewood Resiliency Task Force

Lakewood, Ohio

(recently launched)


photo credit: Aerial Agents

An EcoDistrict Approach to Resiliency


The City of Lakewood, an inner-ring suburb of Cleveland, is undertaking a comprehensive resiliency plan to prepare for the challenges of the 21st century. ReThink Advisors is guiding a 13-person Resilience Task Force – comprised of experienced professionals from various backgrounds who will come together monthly in a structured setting – that will define the City’s resilience challenges and create a shared vision for bold but effective solutions.


ReThink Advisors will facilitate this planning process using the EcoDistricts Protocol, a leading-edge comprehensive approach to resilience planning that prioritizes equitable growth and community wellness alongside sustainability and resilient design. The Protocol is based on recent research that community resilience is fundamentally an issue of social cohesion, which is impacted as much by economic opportunity and wellness as it is by the built environment.