ReThink Advisors works at the intersection of urban design, planning, architecture and development to realize large-scale revitalization projects.

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ReThink Advisors
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19001 Shaker Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44122

t: 216.570.2334

My 97-Year-old Great Grandma, Lily Ebert BEM - Auschwitz Survivor, has just recovered from Covid- 19.

Today she went on her first walk in a month after making a miraculous recovery.

❤️💪A fighter and survivor💪❤️

Already a fav of mine! Let’s go! I met Lyz and Gerson thru @HFLAofNEO where they are legend! TY cc @lkleinman1

I am all ears @joecimperman but not willing to cross the cle dot com paywall, even for you. You pick the place and, when Covid is over, dinner is on me. Great pic btw.

Yes! Cleveland is leading on climate. Plus, I heard that the cities of Pittsburgh and Paris are actually both on the same planet! So, if it is more politically correct to sign the Pittsburgh Climate Agreement, let’s do it!

@danmoulthrop @saraheokeeffe3 @OhioEnviro

I was beyond inspired yesterday. Today, remain inspired but also recall that, earlier this month, our capital was attacked by authoritarian fascist racist paramilitaries set on putting elected officials to death. Let’s seek accountability.

cc @danmoulthrop @evburnett

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